Online Money Making Ideas


In this Lesson You will learn straight up, what you need to do to start to make money on;line sharing already created You tube Videos. Please pay attention to the steps and follow the teachings carefully, because only those that pay close attention to information, benefits from it, as we all know information rules the world. Enough of the long talk, lets get down to business

Basically what you need to do is to go straight to  what you will be looking for is to find YouTube topics that are really popular,  a very good example is "How to loose weight fast" enter this key word into the search section of YouTube,  and you will find lots of viral videos on this niche topic, please pay attention, this is basically one of the simplest methods to make money online; what you need to do basically is to find videos that are already viral, this means videos that have already gotten millions of views.

Come with me, the best way to make money is to model successful people. i may have struggled online, but today i will say big thanks to God for this breakthrough, because i really listened to  people while i was broke, i mean real broke, but it really pays off. i know that you are really determined to make it online, that is why i am urging you to pay close attention to these little things i am going to show you here.

Once you have clicked on the most popular video(s) from your search on YouTube, then on that Video click on share, when you do this a dialog box will come up, this will automatically carry the Video URL, copy it and paste it on a note pad, we will use it later. You will do this process repeatedly to get many Video links on your Note pad, lets say 100 Links, Yes 100 Links, you MUST work really hard to make lot of Money Online, But the good thing about Online hustle, is that you only work once for a period of time, and you reap profits over and over again. Yes! Come with me lets go!

Now, listen, you do not need to focus on one niche, you can do a lot of niches to get lots of videos that are really popular, another popular niche is - "How to Get the girl fast" type this on the YouTube Search section, you will discover tons of popular Videos to collect links, make sure you enter these links on your Note pad.

For the course of this lesson we are going to focus on - "How to loose weight fast" Get these videos from this niche, say 20-50 Video links on your note pad, this is not really hard, within 40 mins you should have gotten at least up to 100 links,though it depends on your speed, but it is not really hard believe me; if you have gotten those links for this particular niche, because these links are what we will be sharing to make money online- please pay attention, i am really excited because i am sure you are going to start to see the money coming soon.

The Next step is to go to a particular site called  

click on it immediately, on the site you will have to enter each Video link you have copied, to shorten it and get a new URL for it. as soon as you start to share these video links and people start to click on them, then you have started to make money, because you get paid for every click on each video you share. The good thing about this opportunity is that it works world wide. Once you enter the site, you have to sign up immediately, it is basically free to sign up. After sign up, proceed to log in, i want you to make lots of money today, but you MUST take action, because if you do not give time to this, there is no way you can make the money, this is 100% free you do need to pay any body money, but you MUST be ready to grind, you must be willing to work hard. alright, Let's Go!

Note, pays you for your work, and you can withdraw your money via Paypal or Skrill .
Now, what you have to do is to take all the links you have stored on your Note pad, shorten them one after the other using, the website.. As you shorten, ensure to save back to your Note Pad. After carefully shortening all URL, using the website, we will now proceed to how to share these links, because if you do not share them, there is no way you can make the money, so pay attention follow me, let me show you how to perform this very important aspect of the process, because i do this online every day to make money. Now, you have to go to google, enter the search phrase- "weight loss forums" When you hit the search button you will discover tons of weight loss forums, all you need to do is to start to register with them one after the other, because this is where you will be posting those links on your note pad, take note, before you post a link you must include a short story along with it, like you can say-  You can also make this work Much easy and get Fast results instantly by using an automated forum submitter software. with the click of a button your link will be shared across hundreds of forums-click here to download software

"Many diets have you feeling hungry, dissatisfied and Angry
Which is why i went online and i found the most easiest way to lose weight fast.
But before i share it with you..
How many pounds would you like to loose?
1.  10 Ibs -(insert link)
2.  20 Ibs -(insert link)
3.  30 Ibs -(insert link)"
(Copy This)

If you follow these simple process over and over again, you will start to see the money counting on your account you can actually make up to $100/day from doing this, i mean this is good money. If you continue to do this everyday, before you work for 2 weeks, you may not need to do too much again, as your links would have gone deeper into the internet, and other persons will be sharing the information around as it is a helpful resource, you will receive thousands of views to your links from those weight loss forums, i think this is really simple to do.

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