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Hello Folks, welcome back again yet to another bomber make money online lesson, in this one am going to show you how you can basically make money online using google. How you can run one google search and make tons of money from it, i am going to show you step by step, how to make $500+ using google, but you must pay close attention to the teachings, as we will be working across various platforms to ensure that this works for you and me. The good thing about this is that it is basically free, you don't have to spend any money, you don't need credit cards, i don't need any of your money, as i have put this here for us absolutely free of charge. This may not be able to make you thousands of dollars, however it can make you cool bucks, like 50$/day to pay off your every day bills.

So first of all we have to go to www.google.com and think of a lucrative niche topic, because i want you to succeed, i am going to use a niche here for this lesson that is absolutely popular, we have used weight loss in our other lesson, but in this one, we are going to look at a niche topic like 'camping".  Enter into your google search the word camping,  before we click the search button i will want us to quickly look into a site called kit.co when you enter into this site, you will have the opportunity to create any kit in relation to your chosen niche topic, from this website you can build an online store in 10 secs

You do not have to buy or ship products, from the comfort of your home you can create your own online store within seconds.  As soon as you enter the site, you must first sign up, this is absolutely free.and it is world wide. once you create you account, you must then log in to continue, when you are logged in click on the sign plus (+) which appears to the top right corner of the kit.co website, this will give you the opportunity to create a new kit (new online store), A dialogue box will pop up after clicking on the + sign on this dialogue box you will be able to enter a key word for the related products you want to add to your store or kit, in this case type in "bad a$$ camping gear"  remember we are concentrating on the niche camping.

If you enter that key word another dialogue box will appear, choose camping items, and a list of camping items will appear, now start to add products to you store. you will have to add about 35 different products to your store related to camping, as soon as you completely add products to your kit, then click on view kit, a page will pop up, from this page you MUST copy your kit/store URL and save it down on a note pad. Basically you have created a store filled with products from Amazon, shopify and a host of other top online marketing companies without going to register for Amazon which normally takes time to get approval.

Alright! back to Business, Next you Must start to share your kit,  you can hit the share button from the kit.co website to start to share your kits on twitter, facebook, instagram and a host of other social media site, but we are not going to do that immediately, we must use other ways to give us the most result for our work, in this case, because camping is a very popular niche now, we are sure of making money as soon as possible.  Now, we MUST go back to google again, enter the search term "camping stories"  when you click search it will return with lots of camping stories, all you need to do is to choose one and copy it, paste the copied story into your note pad, and proceed to another website called- www.spinbot.com, this is basically a free tool, it is an article spinner service. Now you must copy the stiry you copied from the Notepad and place it on the spinbot website, and click on spin, this will transform the story to your own unique story, by replacing synonyms in the original text, you MUST do this so that you will not be flagged for plagiarizing.

After getting out the transformed story, save it immediately in your Notepad, and proceed to another website by the name- www.parler.com the free speech website, here you will be able to share your kit, parler is a social media website like facebook., in short it is a very popular website that has up to 29M views per month.  All you need to do is to sign up for the parler website which does not take more than 20 secs.  You Must pay attention to this, you do not need to add or have friends on parler unlike facebook, all you have to do is to post your kit/online store using the right hash(#) tags. the site will put your posts where the right people will see it, in this case you can use tags like #best camping  tools , #camping gear.  Unlike facebook where you easily get banned for sharing links, in parler they love links they dont ban you ffor sharing your links. You can add pictures and videos to your post on parler, with this you can earn money directly from Amazon and Shopify right from this minute. You can as well go to blogs and forums to post the URL to your kit using your story you obtained from spin bot. Just do this over and over again you will see your self making money just today.


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