Earn $100/day using You tube shorts- NO ADSENSE , NO CAMERA, NO VIDEO RECORDING

Welcome folks, In this article we are going to examine basically how you can make money online using Youtube, without having to create a video, or target Adsense or do any kind of Video recording, this simple proven system can earn you extra cash in your pocket immediately.

Just recently it was published on the US Variety blog that Youtube is going to dole out $100M to creators using Youtube shorts, at first i taught it was just a joke, but after digging deep into the information, i discovered that it was absolutely true, using Youtube,  shorts, also discovered that a lot of people have started making tons of cash from it.

The good thing about it is that you do not have to record any videos at all.

What is Yotube Shorts? Follow me carefully as we uncover the basic principles needed to make cool money online using youtube shorts. This simply entails you are going to harness the viral power of other peoples videos to harvest cash online.

Lets Get to Business!  first of all lets go to www.youtube.com  on the you tube website search for the key word- "funny dogs" when you do this, a lot of videos will pop out that are associated with the key word-funny dogs. On the list of videos you must select the one that has the highest number of views, meaning the video that is more viral. On the top of the list of Videos, click on filter, when you do that a list of items will appear, click on the item that says "creative commons". when you do this you have automatically told google to show you videos related to funny dogs, that are not copyrighted. This means you can re use these videos for your own channel without violating any Youtube policy-sounds good?  Yes it is, because you are going to tap into this viral video for our own benefits.

On the list of Non copyrighted videos shown after clicking on creative commons, pick the video that is most viral, the one with the highest number of clicks. and simply go  to the video URL to copy it, paste the copied URL in a Note pad, because we are going to use it soon.

Now, the next thing to do is to try and download that video into your computer, there are various free websites to do this, but i prefer to use -https://www.snappea.com/  open this website on your browser, when that is done, you will see the field that says enter Youtube link, go to that note pad, copy that link and paste it there, the website will automatically grab the video for download, you will now have to choose the file format you prefer, simply choose MP4  360p, this file type is Youtube compatible.  After saving the file to your system successfully, we then progress to the next step of the training.

Yes, just follow me, i know many will be asking how do i make the money then? yes you about to uncover the monetization process of the system, pay close attention. Now we have to go to another website- www.canva.com   this is absolutely an online video editor website, it is basically free, but when you start making more videos you will need to pay a little subscription.  When you open the website simply sign up using face book or gmail, after sign up, from the top Nav Bar click on Video, after that you will now select you tube video.  We now have to upload the video we saved on your system to the Canva.com website., after upload, drag the video to the middle to edit it. You can edit it by entering this caption at the top and bottom of the video- "The Link is in the description"   Please enter that caption the same way as the one illustrated in the image below.

After doing that, you will now have to save back the edited video into your computer from Canva.com,  after successful download, we now have to go back to Youtube again.  When you open Youtube, simply sign in to your Youtube account using any of your gmail account. after successfully longing into Youtube, click on your account icon, on the scroll down list you will find create channel, quickly create your own channel on youtube, this should not take you more than 3 mins. Once you channel is set up, the next thing to do is to upload your newly edited video from Canva.  

Quickly before uploading your video, you will need to sign up into a site to you will utilize to monetize your video, quickly go to  www.clickbank.com  or www.flexoffers.com  to create a free account, here you will find 100's of products to promote. Apply for affiliate permission from any advertiser that markets products that related to dog training, in short you will find lots of fantastic catching products on click bank, simply configure your hoplink (affiliate link) from the product you choose to market, Take note you can find all products on click bank from their market place.

Once you have gotten the hoplink from click bank, go back to Youtube to upload your video, take note you are uploading the last video you downloaded from Canva.  After uloading you video, on the description section, simply write- Great funny dog videos, learn how you can train your dog fast  (insert click bank link here).

After completing the above publish your Video to enable it to be live on Youtube via your channel, while entering the title of your video, ensure to use the title from the Video that has the most viral property, but you can simply edit it a little, so as to make it different from the one already published.

Once you follow this process accordingly, repeatedly use this method to get up to 100 videos on your channel, and you will see the cash rolling in from your affiliate link in the description section of your video, do not stop ensure to use the right tags while publishing your videos, you cab go to a site called www.vidiq.com  you can enter the Video link that you have chosen to use its title, here you will find all tags associated with the Video, simply copy it from here and use on your Youtube video, this is absolutely free to use.

If you follow this lesson carefully, you will start to make cash from Youtube in little or no time, or if you choose to utilize an Affiliate marketing blue print software to do the job for you, you can make money faster or even 5 times of what you can do manually-

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