Affiliate Marketing Rules

Affiliate Marketing Tips:

I’ve touched on the power of affiliate marketing in my 7 Days affiliate training for beginners and today I’m going to touch down on that topic again.  

I’m kind of obsessed with it because it’s made me a ton of money and I know it’ll make money for you, too.

So, to recap: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing where you link potential buyers to other people’s products and services - and you take a cut. 

Quite Easy, Right?

But here are a few things I really want you to pay attention to when choosing products for your website from affiliate networks:

Rule 1:  Only promote products that are relevant to your niche market and make sense.

Rule 2:  Only promote products that you personally trust, either because you’ve used them, tested them or you know and trust the developer or network.

Rule 3:  Include a clear disclaimer on your website that you are an affiliate marketer and earn a commission based on recommendations. Most networks will provide a copy & paste statement that you can use on your website. Do not forget to add one!

When you’re ready to get started, join a couple of digital product networks like and and test out a couple of mid-level priced products. 

Don’t go for the cheap sale. You’ll have to work twice as hard to promote low-priced products as you’ll require twice was many sales to make money. Instead, aim for $77 and up.  

Also, look outside of the major affiliate networks for other specialized offers that may appeal to your niche market. For example, find other blogs and websites that offer affiliates the option to make money reselling their eBooks, reports, special downloads or courses. In other words, think outside the box!

Not sure what your visitors are most interested in? If you struggle with this it means that you don’t know your market well enough and need to spend some time researching it.

Drop by forums in your niche, check out competing blogs, popular articles and posts on FB, and twitter that receive a lot of shares. 

You should always keep a pulse on your market and know exactly what your visitors want.  If you do nothing else, do this!

Rule 4: Optimizing your Blog  for profits-You can have the highest quality, most informative content on your blog but if you haven’t optimized for the search engines you are leaving money on the table.

This should be one of the first things you do when you set up your blog, but in case you’ve overlooked this important  component, here are a few quick ways to ensure that yourblog is set up for success:

SEO (search engine optimization) begins with your content. 

Make sure that you are using relevant keywords throughout your content as well as catchy titles for your blog posts.

You should also link and comment on other blogs, focusing mainly on established ones that will generate viable backlinks.

Feature other bloggers on your website and don’t be afraid  to promote and link to other websites. They won’t steal your traffic!  Successful blogging requires networking so the more you actively share content from pro bloggers, the better the likelihood that they will share yours.

Post reviews of other blogs on your website and expand on your ability to offer visitors with useful resources that will help them.  Focus on influencers in your market as they will bring in the most traffic.

Focus on resource articles that provide quick and easy tips, checklists, and tools that are useful to your visitors. 

Consider running a contest or giveaway on your blog. I use the app to run beautiful giveaways on my blog that attract thousands of participants and best of all, once the contest has ended you’ll be able to download a csv file that contains a full listing of entries! Add those to your mailing list and watch it grow quickly.  Giveaways can also go viral and encourage people to share your blog with others.

Consider interviewing other bloggers, and offer guest blogging spots on your website. While you’ll need to have a decent level of traffic before you’ll be appealing to most pro bloggers, start off with some of the new bloggers in your niche and network!  

The possibilities are endless.

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