Reasons why Chymal remains one of the most profitable online Business

 Why do we do CHY E-COMMERCE amidst all other Businesses we have in Nigeria and Africa at large... Here are some of the reasons;

CHY's 10days-trade-cycle PROFITS gives you 5% PROFIT every 10days without any referrals.

CHY is a stable company as she has presence in 17 countries of the world.

CHY Business is very easy to access/manage as it runs on a Mobile Application.

CHY does not require any monthly autoship; a one-time registration keeps you in Business for life.

In CHY, You do not refer people to earn every 10days; you earning as long as you want the company to keep trading for you.

CHY funds are easy to withdraw; PEER-TO-PEER, BANK WITHDRAWALS or BITCOIN.

In CHY, we accumulate FREE BOUTIQUE POINTS for FREE SHOPPING on the same mall as we trade. Shoes, bags, wristwatches, etc can all be shopped for using these points.

CHY gives other bonuses such as car awards, laptops, all-expense paid vacations, etc as your points keep accumulating.

CHY has an all inclusive compensation plan for everyone - investors, net workers, customers, merchants, etc.


1. No compulsory referrals.

2. You will get a free product every 10 days.

3. Products are very very useful products.

4. It is not an investment . It is a market place where u buy and sell.

5. Every 10 days, all your capital and profit is released at the same time to u. If u don’t want to trade again, u can take your money + product and go away.

6. In most networks, if u don’t bring any new person, you don’t earn anything but not so with CHY mall. We trade every 10 days so every 10 days something small will come home...Lol

7. You do not have to carry any product around looking for who will buy like in other networks.

8. CHY mall does your selling for you. All you need to do is buy goods on whole sale and CHY will sell it out at retail price for u.

9. The products you receive, you can sell it to anyone u like and make another extra income even though u made profit on your sale already.

10. CHY mall is not going any where. It is solid and spreading wild like fire. CHY is a game changer. CHY is second to none