CHY Mall FAQ's


1. Sairui is a Chinese Corporation founded in 2008 with branches in various African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Kenya. Sairui joined with CHY a Malaysian Company is a conglomerate with many subsidiaries. Chymall is the E-Commerce platform of CHY.

2. Is CHY officially registered in Nigeria?

- CHY E-Commerce Nig. Ltd. is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), with EFCC, and CBN.

3. What kind of business is Chymall engaged in?

- Chymall is an E-commerce platform, like JUMIA, ALIBABA, AMAZON. However, in addition to traditional E-commerce, Chymall is a pioneer of the “New Retail” E-Commerce business model proposed by Jack Ma - the CEO of ALIBABA, whereby buyers of E-commerce products are provided the opportunity to profit from their E-Commerce transactions.

4. How does the “New Retail” concept work?

- When you register with Chymall, you are given access to their E-Commerce platform, where you can buy items from both the retail and wholesale sections. When you buy one (1) item from retail, you are given a quota to buy two (2) additional items from the wholesale section discounted at 60%. The company simplifies the trading process by helping you to sell the two (2) wholesale items at retail prices on the platform, and share the profit 70/30 with 70% going to you.

5. How much does it cost to register with Chymall?

- Chymall membership is packaged in 5 VIP levels. The fee for each VIP package has 2 components; - a registration fee and a trading capital. The registration fee pays for your online shop, giving you access to Chymall trading platform, while the trading capital is returned back to you at the end of each trading cycle.

VIP1: Registration ($25 or N9500), trading capital ($0); TOTAL ($25 or N9500)

VIP2: Registration ($50 or N19,000), Trading capital ($90 or N34,200); TOTAL ($140 or N53,200)

VIP3: Registration ($100 or N38,000), Trading capital ($180 or N68,400); TOTAL ($280 or N106,400)

VIP4: Registration ($300 or N114,000), Trading capital ($540 or N205,200); TOTAL ($840 or N319,200)

VIP5: Registration ($600 or N228,000), Trading capital ($1080 or no N410,400); TOTAL ($1680 or N638,400)

VIP 6: Registeration (1200$ or N456000, Total trading capital is 3360$ or N1,276,800)  10days profit= N61000+ monthly earnings=. N191520.

6. How much trading profit can each VIP level make?

- Each trading cycle lasts for 10-12 days, and the trading profits for each VIP level is as follows;


VIP2: $7 (=N=2660) or $21 (=N=7980) per month

VIP3: $14 (=N=5320) or $21 (=N=15,970) per month

VIP4: $42 (=N=15,960) or $126 (=N=47,880) per month

VIP5: $84(=N=31,920) or $252(=N=95,760) per month

7. How is the trading carried out?

- You can set your account on “MANUAL” or “AUTO” trade. On the MANUAL mode, you have to re-activate the trade every 10 days. On AUTO mode, you only need to re-activate the trade after every 50 days (5 trades) or 100 days (10 trades). Note that your trading profit is credited to your account after each trading cycle (10-12 days).

8. What happens to my trading capital at the end of the 10 days (for manual trade), and 50/100 days (for auto trade)?

- Your trading capital is returned to your account, and you have to initiate another 10, 50, 100 days trading cycle or withdraw your money if you choose to discontinue.

9. Are there other sources of income/benefits in Chymall apart from trading profit?

- There are significant opportunities for additional income if you decide to participate in the NETWORK MARKETING aspect of the business. These bonuses include; Direct sharing or referral profits, Service profits, Chain service profits. In addition, you get quality quantum products at registration and at the end of each 10, 50, 100 days trading cycles. These products depending on your VIP level include; Phone massager, Bracelet, Wristwatch, Anti blue-ray glasses…. etc.

10. How do I register with Chymall?

Please CLICK HERE to Register, to Own a Shop in Chymall.